Bemyvega involved at the Opening Ceremony of the Academic Year of UCAM


Last Nov 13th we assisted at the Catholic University of Murcia to the Opening Ceremony of the New Academic Year 2020-2021. Jose Luis Mendoza, UCAM’s president, was in charge of the speech for the attendees at Jerónimos Monastery. Mendoza explained how the bet on investigation and digital transformation on learning model progesses in a year with the pandemic as the main character.

We are proud to announce that Bemyvega is part of the upcoming developments on digital transformation at UCAM University. Our system was involved during the act with a pilot test. During the opening journey, attendees had technological support of our revolutionary system to follow the speaker without limitations.

Pilot test of Bemyvega at UCAM University

Vice-Rectorship team of Virtual Learning of the University installed the system developed by Bemyvega to follow the presentation. Because of this we could verify during the Act that every single person with visual and/or auditive impairment can rely on our advanced support video system for following it independently. We proved how it allows to zoom on real time the image screened during the presentation.

Technology makes life much easier to us, thanks to progress like this tool we can avoid accessibility barriers and not having limits for being able to follow a speech with total normal. A powerful system took into the classrooms can add  a lot to learning of low audition and/or vision students, specially because of the degree of accuracy in blackboard, speaker or screening zoom and speaker’s subtitles.

Installing Bemyvega system in classrooms or conference rooms has a lot of adventages, because it’s able to transport the user to a more complete and real experience:

  • The speaker can teach using preferred metodology and this experience will be broadcasted to all the students, the ones on-site and at home, simultaniously without current problems on mixed teaching.
  • Removing accessibility barriers, zoom, subtitles of the speech, changing color contrast, adapting audio and choosing between different video signals.
  • Adaptable and customised to teacher’s methodology: selection of different cameras, configuration of the scenes depending on methodological needs of each moment, which offers a huge range of possibilities.
  • Real time tracking of the teacher, his/her non-verbal language, blackboard and digital presentation.

Sessions recorded and sync play back of the different video sources transform the user on his/her own producer.

We are pleased to have been part of this presentation at UCAM University with Bemyvega. WIth the pilot test of this advanced system during the act, we take one more step for avoiding access barriers to education for people with low vision and/or audition.