Education centers, universities, public administration, meeting and congress rooms

Providing equal oportunities, non discrimination and universal accesibility to people with impairments in educative, cultural, leisure or employment spheres, should be part of the DNA of those organizations with a learning objective.

We offer to Education centers, Universities, Public Administration, Meeting and congress rooms, teachers and specialists in impairments, broadcasting, recording and visualization units which convert any activity in these spheres, in an accesible content for all the attendees, safeguarding the rights of the more vulnerable people.


We solve accesibility problems to people with low vision and/or audition, or with problems to attend physically.

Thanks to the visualization of different interest areas (speaker, blackboard, presentation), the audio broadcast of the speaker and the multiple accesibility tools of the system, the centers can offer a real inclusive teaching.


We provide an unique and easy to use tool to supporting diversity teams.

We warranty the access to information to people with visual and hearing impairment, reducing curricula adaptation labor.


We boost with this system simultaneous teaching for on-site and on-line students.

We broadcast classes, speeches or training courses through any prepared platform for receiving audio and video signals like Zoom, Meet, etc. saving time and staff costs.


We transmit contents to students in an unique way.

The combination of a static and a tracking camera in a single unit provides the user the visualization of a static image of the blackboard, a sign language interpreter or any other interest area together with the visualization of the speaker, its movements where the action is hapening and the digital presentation. The broadcast of diferent video and audio signals create an enriched experience much more dynamic and enjoyable for the user, adding value and a differential point for the training centers with on-line learning.


Easy to use and portable units.

We reach all the students wihtout the need of investing working hours doing specific videoconferences for on-line learning or editing classes for being uploaded afterwards or sended to students. Our units do all this job automatically.


We simplify the teacher or speaker task who only will take care of giving the speech.

THe unit will automatically send all the need information to the students (blackboard, speaker, presentation and audio). The session can be recorded and live broadcasted if desired.


We generate a local Wi-Fi signal through the system.

The users on-site can use the unit wihtout needing an Internet connection.