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Vega has difficulties accessing education in equal conditions as her schoolmates. Since then our main goal has been creating the technology to allow universal access to academic training. She has been the inspiration to create Bemyvega.

Universal access to knowledge for everybody is not only a right, but it should be one of our society’s hallmarks; nevertheless, people with impairments find out difficult to exercise this right.

En Bemyvega work for giving the same opportunities in training and acquiring needed knowledge for everybody to grow up being the person they want to be, developing solutions for the real-time-tracking of classes, talks, conferences or expositions, and improving the access to information for people with impairments. 
Developing solutions for the real-time tracking of classes, talks, conferences or expositions, improving the access to information for people with impairments.

The technology becomes the needed tool to give access to a limitless training, removing barriers which don’t let us progress.

Our team

Committed and enthusiastic people

Antonio Sánchez


Mónica Hernández

Co Founder and COO

Mariano López

Business Development

Ezequiel Nicolás

CMO & Head of Sales

Antonio Albero

Support and After sales

Jose García


Pablo Moyano


Artur Linnik

Back End

José Rondón

Sales and Marketing

Gilson Delgado

Support and web develloper

Fátima Bernal

Administrative Assistant

Laura Mateo

UX Designer

Marta Martínez

Front End

Jonathan Rodenas

DevOps Engineer

Isabel Martínez

Marketing and communication

Ignacio Barceló

Support and web develloper

Francisco Cortés

Deep Learning Engineer

Raquel Pitarch

IA Researcher

Alejandro C.

Front End Dev

Cristina Fresneda


Daniela Elazar

Country Manager Israel

Pablo Carrasco

Front End Dev

Eduardo López