In 2013 our daughter was born, and we faced the difficult task of bringing up a girl with low vision.

Vega has difficulties to access education in equal conditions as her schoolmates. Since then our main goal has been creating the technology to allow universal access to academic training. She has been the inspiration to create Bemyvega.

Universal access to knowledge for everybody is not only a right, but it should be one of our society’s hallmarks; nevertheless, people with impairments find out difficulties to excercise this right.

In Bemyvega we work for giving the same opportunities in training and acquiring needed knowledge for everybody to grow up being the person they want to be, developing solutions for the real-time-tracking of classes, talks, conferences or expositions, improving the access to information for people with impairments.

Technology becomes the needed tool to give access to a limitless training, removing barriers which don’t let us progress.

How we help you?

We have created an innovative and effective product which join at once all the options needed for the tracking of a class, conference or talk by anyone with autonomy and without missing any detail, neither on-site nor on-line.

Enriched and dynamic learning

We offer an enriched and dynamic learning experience, thanks to the combination of cameras and accesibility tools incorporated to the app, which makes the attendees to any training, educational or cultural activity, feeling part of everything happening through any device.

The users will see the blackboard, the speaker and the digital presentation with their devices. It doesn't matter if the problem is that you are sat far and you can't see properly, if the room doesn't offer good views or acoustics or if you've got low vision and/or audition. You'll have access to all the visual and acoustic information needed to be able to follow the activity provided effectively.

On-site and on-line simultaneus broadcast

Simultaneus broadcast to students that attend on-site and on-line classes bring us to a new training style, which provides people with physical problems, at a hospital classroom or with any problem to attend physically the class, the opportunity to follow the act at the same time as theis classmates from anywhere through different videoconference platforms available (Zoom, Meet, etc).

The user will have a more fluent and natural feeling with several video sources and the learning will be faster. In addition, the user will be able to interact with the teacher using the usual tools provided by these platforms.

We reinforce our main goal: helping people to make their lives easier using technology as a tool to put opportunities at the same level.