Live transcription of the speaker
Sessions recording
Quick choice of cameras
Pause image
Contrast change

Vega Compact

Is a compact system that allows sending blackboard's image, speaker's image through automatic tracking, speaker's screen and audio signal of the speech.
It's becomes specially appropiated for big classes, congress rooms or any other places where the tracking of the speaker is needed for catching the details of the body language.

Vega Lite

It's a simplified and compact system taht allows to send the interest area image (blackboard or any other such as sign language interpreter or a table with several speakers), speaker's audio and screen.
It's favorable for small classes where there are not big movements of the speaker and the distance between the student and the teacher/speaker is not long.

Coming soon: next features

We keep working on improving our units, some of the coming features are:


Optical Character Recognition of the presentation images.


Direct link between the speaker’s speech and the hearing aid of the low audition person.


Increase the software feaures of the attendee’s versions and adding more accesibility tools for impaired people.


Create our own accesible digital platform for broadcasting the signals on streaming, hosting the contents and accesible computing environment for impaired people.

Real-time subtitle of the speaker talk.