We provide the following of learning and cultural activities to users with low vision and/or audition in an on-site way.

Through your own device (mobile phone, tablet or computer) the user recives the broadcast of the speaker’s audio and the visualization in real time of the digital presentation, the speaker and the blackboard or any other area, as a sign language interpreter.


The multiple accesibility tools that the app offers to the user improves the access to the information and makes easier the following of the activity.

· Real-time subtitle of the speaker talk.
· Zoom to the video or images.
· Image capture of everything broadcasted.
· Pause the video or images as necessary.
· Change image or video contrast for a better visualization.


Quick and intuitive selection of any of the three displays.

Projector, static or tracking camera.


The active tracking camera of the speaker creates a more dynamic experience.

And it makes more enjoyable visualized activities to those who are not following the activity on-site.


Capturing, thanks to the tracking camera, the speaker’s body language.

Speaker gestures, things pointed out, the place where he is moving and his interactuation with the attendees are important for a complete communication.


Clear visualization of the things written on the blackboard or any other interesting area.

Thanks to zoom and contrast change options.


Automatic recording of audio and three video track (speaker, blackboard, screen) in HD quality.

These tracks can be played sync as many times as needed.


Portable unit.

With only about 2 kd weight its transportation is easy if you want to take it with you.


Easy installation unit.

It only needs to be plugged to the electrical current (and to the Wi-Fi signal if exists) to give service. Regarding to the use, the student or destinatary who desires to use it just have to download the app and connecting to the local network that the unit generates.


The unit generates its own local network.

It allows to be used in areas without and/or weak Wi-Fi, being able to give service to people who wants to use it on-site.